ccid new version 1.3.12

I just released a new version of my CCID smart card reader driver.
The source code archive is available.

1.3.12 - 8 May 2010, Ludovic Rousseau

  • add support of

    • Todos AGM2 CCID
    • Cherry SmartTerminal XX7X
    • Smart SBV280
    • Ask CPL108
    • German Privacy Foundation Crypto Stick v1.2
    • id3 CL1356T5
    • Covadis Auriga
    • GoldKey PIV Token
    • Vasco DIGIPASS
    • KEY 860
    • Vasco DIGIPASS KEY 200
    • Vasco DP855
    • Vasco DP865
    • Atmel AT90SCR100
    • Atmel AT90SCR050
    • Atmel VaultIC420
    • Atmel VaultIC440
    • Atmel VaultIC460
    • KOBIL Smart Token
    • KOBIL mIDentity 4smart
    • KOBIL mIDentity 4smart AES
    • KOBIL mIDentity visual
    • KOBIL mIDentity fullsize
    • KOBIL mIDentity 4smart fullsize AES
    • SCM SCR3500
  • remove support of Smart SBV280 on manufacturer request. They use
    libusb directly.
  • remove support of SCM SDI 010 on manufacturer request since not
    supported by my driver
  • Enable the Broadcom 5880 reader. It should work after a firmware
  • better support of Dell keyboard
  • better support of multislot readers (like the GemCore SIM
  • better support of SCM SCR3310
  • better support of ICCD version A devices
  • The Covadis Véga-Alpha reader is a GemPC pinpad inside. So we use
    the same code to:

    • load the strings for the display
    • avoid limitation of the reader
  • IFDHControl(): the (proprietary) get firmware version escape
    command is allowed with a Gemalto reader

    • the (proprietary) switch interface escape command is allowed on
      the Gemalto GemProx DU
    • return IFD_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED instead of
      IFD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR if the dwControlCode value is not
    • return IFD_ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER when appropriate
  • IFDHGetCapabilities(): add support of
    bMinPINSize & bMaxPINSize for Gemalto Pinpad V1
    & Covadis Véga-Alpha
  • support extended APDU of up to 64kB with APDU readers.
  • get the language selected during Mac OS X installation as
    language to use for Covadis Véga-Alpha and Gemalto GemPC PinPad
    pinpad readers
  • FEATURE_MCT_READER_DIRECT is also supported by the
    Kobil mIDentity visual
  • better support of Sun Studio CC
  • some minor bugs removed