Subversion statistics for pcsc-lite at September 2010

I used the tool statsvn to generate nice graphics about the subversion activity of the pcsc-lite project.

The full report is available here. We will just reuse some graphics and discuss them.


The project is now 10 years old. The old versions were hosted in a CVS repository on David Corcoran computer. The access was slow. In 2003 the project moved to the Debian forge at

9 developpers committed patches to the project.

Author Author Id Changes Lines of Code Lines per Change
Totals 3897 (100.0%) 155334 (100.0%) 39.8
rousseau rousseau 3183 (81.7%) 86878 (55.9%) 27.2
corcoran corcoran 339 (8.7%) 63138 (40.6%) 186.2
aet-guest aet-guest 227 (5.8%) 2696 (1.7%) 11.8
sauveron-guest sauveron-guest 110 (2.8%) 1918 (1.2%) 17.4
corcoran-guest corcoran-guest 25 (0.6%) 528 (0.3%) 21.1
cprados cprados 4 (0.1%) 91 (0.1%) 22.7
giraud giraud 7 (0.2%) 83 (0.1%) 11.8
phuang phuang 1 (0.0%) 1 (0.0%) 1.0
mikeg mikeg 1 (0.0%) 1 (0.0%) 1.0

A large part of the code was written by David Corcoran. Even if David has not committed any thing since 2004 he is the author of 40% of lines of code.

Since 2004 I am the only one to commit changes in the subversion repository. I receive some patches from other people but they do not have write access to the subversion repository so the commits appear as mine.

Source code

The number of lines in the project is slowly growing. The main features are present since the beginning. What I do is mainly debug and optimization.

As expected a large part of the "code" is located in the src/ directory.

You can use a live source code explorer at repomap to display things like:


It always nice to stand back and look at a big picture on a project you are involved.

You can also have different graphics from the pcsc-lite project at site.