SIM card phone book listing

During the Debian minconf Paris 2010 I was asked for a program to use a SIM card.

I do not know any program to correctly manage a SIM card in free software on Unix (but I have not really search for it).

SIM explorer v3.0

In 2004 I wrote a simple Perl program to dump the phone book of a SIM card using the PC/SC Perl wrapper. The program is available on my web site.

The program is very rude and only displays the phone book. No way to edit the phone book.


I am surprised to see so little interest in the area of SIM/USIM cards. The market penetration of GSM was already above 100% in 22 European markets in 2006. So I guess every smart card hacker also has one GSM/3G phone. So we do not lack developers.

Note: I do not have a GSM/3G/smart phone myself :-)