New version of libccid: 1.4.1

I just released a new version of libccid.


1.4.1 - 3 December 2010, Ludovic Rousseau

  • Add support of Gemalto Smart Guardian (SG CCID), ReinerSCT cyberJack RFID basis, Akasa AK-CR-03, BZH uKeyCI800-K18, Free Software Initiative of Japan Gnuk token readers
  • Remove O2 Micro Oz776 and Blutronics Bludrive II CCID since they are no more supported since version 1.4.0
  • SecurePINVerify & SecurePINModify: Accept big and little endian byte orders for multibytes fields. The application should not use HOST_TO_CCID_16() and HOST_TO_CCID_32() any more and just use the normal byte order of the architecture.
  • Need pcsc-lite 1.6.5 for TAG_IFD_POLLING_THREAD_WITH_TIMEOUT
  • Add --enable-embedded (default is no) to build libccid for an embedded system. This will activate the NO_LOG option to disable logging and limit RAM and disk consumption.
  • Remove --enable-udev option since it is not used anymore with libhal. The udev rules file is now used to change the access rights of the device and not send a hotplug signal to pcscd. See /posts/2010/09/pcscd-auto-start/
  • some minor bugs removed