EMV-CAP in MISC Magazine n°56

I just read an article about EMV-CAP protocol in the latest number of MISC Magazine (n°56 July-August 2011).

Misc 56 cover

The article is "Banque en ligne : à la découverte d'EMV-CAP" from Jean-Pierre Szikora and Philippe Teuwen. The 13 pages long article (and the complete magazine) is in French. Sorry if you can't read French.

Some page samples:
Article first page
Article 4th page
Article 5th page

The article is also linked to a web site from the authors with more information:

  • an Python application to get a lot of information from a EMV-CAP card
  • a trace generated by the above application using a real card
  • a JavaCard applet to simulate an EMV-CAP applet

If you have a bank card and want to play with it you should have a look at their application.

You should be able to buy this MISC Magazine n°56 in France and other countries until the end of this month. Or buy it online from the editor web site.

You can also (re-)read a previous blog article titles "PSSI: SIM card phone book listing (part 2)" also about an EMV card dump application.

Happy hacking!