New version of libccid: 1.4.7

I just released a version 1.4.7 of libccid.

1.4.7 - 22 June 2012, Ludovic Rousseau

  • Add support of
    • ACS ACR101 ICC Reader
    • ACS CryptoMate64
    • Alcor Micro AU9522
    • Bit4id CKey4
    • Bit4id cryptokey
    • Bit4id iAM
    • Bit4id miniLector
    • Bit4id miniLector-s
    • CCB eSafeLD
    • Gemalto Ezio Shield Branch
    • KOBIL Systems IDToken
    • NXP PR533
  • KOBIL Systems IDToken special cases:
    • Give more time (3 seconds instead of 2) to the reader to answer
    • Hack for the Kobil IDToken and Geman eID card. The German eID card is bogus and need to be powered off before a power on
    • Add Reader-Info-Commands special APDU/command
      • Manufacturer command
      • Product name command
      • Firmware version command
      • Driver version command
  • Use auto suspend for CCID devices only (Closes Alioth bug [#313445] "Do not activate USB suspend for composite devices: keyboard")
  • Fix some error management in the T=1 TPDU state machine
  • some minor bugs removed
  • some minor improvements added