OpenSC server migration


The OpenSC project is/was hosted at Andreas Jellinghaus was the OpenSC maintainer for a long time and managed the project server.

Andreas changed his job and could not invest the needed time to administer the server any more.


OpenSC is a project name and also an organization hosting sub-projects. From the main web page:

" OpenSC effort consists of various sub-projects that can be used independently as well, without OpenSC:
  • engine_pkcs11 is an OpenSSL engine to use PKCS#11 providers, either from command line or from applications
  • libp11 is a small C wrapper library for working with PKCS#11 modules.
  • pkcs11-helper eases working with PKCS#11 modules, by implementing common tasks.
  • PAM-PKCS#11 implements various authentication methods
  • pam_p11 is a small and simple PAM module for local authentication
  • OpenCT implements a reader driver interface for various non-standard readers on Linux, meant to be used with OpenSC.
  • OpenSC-Java is a Java<->OpenSC bridge? "

New services

Source code

The source code repository of the OpenSC project and sub-projects is now at github:

Migration status: done

Bug tracker

Bug are stored in the Trac instance and are not easy to migrate. One option is to use github issues feature.

Migration status: not done


The wiki pages are also hosted at github:

Migration status: done

Mailing lists

The mailing lists are hosted at the OpenSC project at SourceForge:

You have to subscribe yourself to the new lists. We do not plan to do an automatic migration to:

Migration status: DIY (Do It Yourself)

Nightly builds

Tarball releases also provides tarball releases but these archives contain only the source code and not the generated ./configure scripts. So they are not really useful.

Continuous integration


The old server is now mostly done. The migration should be finished.

The bad news is that the bug reports are lost in the migration. Maybe they may appear at a later date.