New version of pcsc-lite: 1.8.9

I just released a new version of pcsc-lite 1.8.9.

pcsc-lite-1.8.9: Ludovic Rousseau
16 October 2013

  • SCardEndTransaction(): Return an error if is called with no corresponding SCardBeginTransaction()
  • SCardGetAttrib(): Add support of SCARD_ATTR_DEVICE_SYSTEM_NAME
  • SCardGetAttrib(): Fix bug in SCARD_ATTR_DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME
  • SCardBeginTransaction() was not correctly releasing a mutex when the hCard handle was invalidated
    The problem was that SCardGetStatusChange() was blocked because SCardBeginTransaction() had not released the context mutex.
  • PCSC/reader.h: Use C99 flexible array member
    The structures PIN_MODIFY_STRUCTURE and PIN_VERIFY_STRUCTURE now use a C99 flexible array member when available for abData field.
    uint8_t abData[];
  • Add support of --reader-name-no-serial and --reader-name-no-interface
    It is now possible to NOT add the USB serial number of the reader using --reader-name-no-serial
    It is now possible to NOT add the CCID interface name of the reader using --reader-name-no-interface
  • Add support of serialconfdir pkg-config variable
    It is now possible to use pkg-config to get the directory used by pcscd to fetch serial drivers configurations.
    $ pkg-config libpcsclite --variable=serialconfdir
  • pcsc-spy: Try to display the thread in the order they appear in the log
  • Check the Info.plist file is (a minimum) correct
  • Update PROTOCOL_VERSION_MINOR from 2 to 3
    We broke the API between version 1.8.3 and 1.8.4 by changing the value of MAX_READERNAME. This change should have been made before releasing version 1.8.4 to make mix of versions clearly non working instead of failing with strange errors.
  • hotplug_libudev.c: Fix a memory leak in case of error
  • Fix OpenBSD 5.2 compilation regarding dlopen
  • correctly manage thread safe multi-slot readers
  • Do not use pthread_atfork() any more (fix problem on FreeBSD)
  • fix memory leaks.
    This was not really a problem unless you embedd pcscd in another process and do init/deinit pcscd without exiting the process (as maybe used on Android or iOS).
  • pcscd.8 manpage: add documentation for --max-thread, --max-card-handle-per-thread, --max-card-handle-per-reader, --force-reader-polling, --error, --critical and --color
  • Some other minor improvements and bug corrections