PySCard: unofficial version 1.6.16 available

I already presented PySCard in "PCSC sample in Python" (April 2010). PySCard is a Python wrapper for PC/SC.


Unfortunately since that time the PySCard software has never seen a new official release, even after I committed many changes upstream.
  • The latest official version is 1.6.12 from August 2010.
  • The version 1.6.14 was planned but not released.
  • The 1.6.16 version is planned but not yet released.

New version

To be able to build PySCard on Mac OS X 10.9 you need to use a version more recent than 1.6.12. That is why I now provide a snapshot of version 1.6.16 at "Beta versions".

I provide 2 files:

Mac OS X installation

The binary "installer" is provided so that you do not have to rebuild the source code yourself. To install it just do:
$ cd /
$ sudo tar xzvf [...]/pyscard-1.6.16.macosx-10.9-intel.tar.gz


I hope Jean-Daniel Aussel (upstream maintainer of PySCard) will have some time and motivation to publish an official new version of PySCard.