Evolution of the number of CCID readers

Regularly I add support of new smart card readers in the list of CCID devices. I wanted to know how regularly I did that over the lifetime of the project (more than 12 years now).
So I extracted some numbers from the CCID driver git repository to generate a graphic.


I am really surprised by the linearity of the curve.

The linear correlation equation is (according to Numbers): y = 1.132e-6 x -159.63
That is a growth rate of 1.132x10-6 readers per second or 36.7 readers per year.

The curve is even better approximated by a polynomial equation in x2. The coefficient of determination R2 is then equal to 0.9949 (closer to 1.0) instead of 0.9753 for the linear correlation.


I note 3 "accidents" or fast evolutions:


The number of supported CCID readers continues to grow. I do not expect the growth rate to decrease.

I guess some very old smart card reader models are no more sold. And are, or not, replaced by new newer models.
You can list the readers sorted by "seniority" using the Readers sorted by 'release' field page and discover the first 7 readers included in version 0.1.0 of the driver.