ATR statistics: ATR list growth

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Evolution of the number of ATRs

Since 2002 I add new ATRs in the ATR list, ATRs submitted by users of my tools: ATR_analysis and Smart card ATR parsing. I wanted to know how regularly I did that over the lifetime of the project (more than 14 years now).

I now have 2098 ATR entries in my list.


I am really surprised by the linearity of the curve.

The curve does not start at 0 ATR because the first versions of the list were stored in CVS Version Control System (I then used Subversion and now GIT). It looks like I lost the CVS history when I moved to Subversion in 2009.

The linear correlation equation is (according to Numbers): y = 6.308e-6 x - 940.4
That is a progression of 6.308x10-6 ATR per second, or 0.54 ATR per day, or 3.8 ATR per week, or 199 ATR per year.

The coefficient of determination R2 is equal to 0.996 (very close to 1) so the linear approximation is quiet good.


The progression may stay constant as new smart cards, with new ATRs, are continuously delivered to users by smart card providers.

Maybe this data is a good indication of the health of the smart card industry? What do you think?