macOS Sierra and PIVToken source code

Deprecated tokend API is now replaced

In "macOS Sierra and CryptoTokenKit API" I presented the updated CryptoTokenKit API. This API is not completely new but was not really used.

Apple now provides the source code of PIVToken: a token for PIV (Personal Identity Verification) smart cards using the new API instead of the old tokend/CDSA API.

PIVToken : short source code

The code is available at Code sample: PIVToken: Using CryptoTokenKit to add support for new types of tokens.

I used the tools sloccount to count the number of lines of code.

$ sloccount .
SLOC Directory SLOC-by-Language (Sorted)
493     PIVToken        objc=493

Totals grouped by language (dominant language first):
objc:           493 (100.00%)

$ scloccunt --details .
227 objc PIVToken PIVToken/Token.m
162 objc PIVToken PIVToken/TokenSession.m
50 objc PIVToken PIVToken/NSData_Zip.m
14 objc PIVToken PIVToken/TokenSession.h
36 objc PIVToken PIVToken/Token.h
4 objc PIVToken PIVToken/NSData_Zip.h

The token is only 493 lines of Objective-C.

I am not a PIV expert or even user so I can't really tell if all the PIV features are supported in this token.

Subject to changes

" This sample demonstrates how to write an extension for CryptoTokenKit framework to support new types of SmartCards or any other cryptographic token. "

I would not be surprised if the code changes before the final macOS Sierra release.


It is time to study the sample code and work on replacement of existing tokend tokens.