New version of libccid: 1.4.26

I just released a version 1.4.26 of libccid the Free Software CCID class smart card reader driver.

1.4.26 - 7 January 2017, Ludovic Rousseau

  • Add support of
    • Bit4id Digital DNA Key
    • Bit4id tokenME FIPS v3
    • INGENICO Leo
    • appidkey GmbH ID60-USB
  • PowerOn: the default algorithm is now 5V then 1.8V then 3V then fail.
    It is still possible to change the initial voltage in the Info.plist file.
    Now, in any case, all the values are tried before failing.
  • Negociate maximum baud rate when bNumDataRatesSupported = 0
  • Some minor improvements

The git tag of this version is signed with my 4096-bits GnuPG key. Thanks to Leif Johansson for the suggestion.
You can check the signature using git tag -v:

$ git tag -v ccid-1.4.26
object 666a72c342f433fda1b77ff815fdfe728afc3ce7
type commit
tag ccid-1.4.26
tagger Ludovic Rousseau  1483800659 +0100

gpg: Signature made Sat Jan  7 15:51:00 2017 CET
gpg:                using RSA key 78A1B4DFE8F9C57E
gpg: Good signature from "Ludovic Rousseau " [full]
gpg:                 aka "Ludovic Rousseau " [full]

The tag is also marked as "Verified" at github