Better pcsc_scan on Windows

Since pcsc-tools 1.5.0 (May 2017) it is possible to build and use pcsc_scan on Windows.
See my previous blog article "pcsc_scan on Windows".

New version

digitalentropy user reported a bug on Windows. So I had a look to fix the problem and also improved pcsc_scan on Windows at the same time.

New features

  • Color support
    The Windows terminal is now recognized and the output is in color.
    The colors may look ugly on a white on black terminal. Sorry for that.
  • Exit key
    You can now quit the program by pressing the shift key. The combination Ctrl-C does not work on Windows to send a signal to the process so I had to use something else.

Sample output

Binary download

You can download the Windows binary from the project page in the Windows section at the bottom of the web page.