New version of libccid: 1.5.0

I just released version 1.5.0 of libccid the Free Software CCID class smart card reader driver.


1.5.0 - 27 January 2022, Ludovic Rousseau
  • Add support of
    • ACS ACR1281U
    • Circle CCR7125 ICC
    • Circle CIR125 ICC
    • Circle CIR125-DOT ICC
    • Circle CIR215 CL with iProduct 0x2100
    • Circle CIR315 DI
    • Circle CIR315 with idProduct: 0x0324
    • Circle CIR315 with idProduct: 0x7004
    • Circle CIR415 CL
    • Circle CIR515 ICC
    • Circle CIR615 CL
    • Circle CIR615 CL & 1S
    • ELYCTIS CL reader
    • Nitrokey Nitrokey 3
    • Thales Shield M4 Reader
  • Add support of simultaneous slot access on multi slots readers
  • Use FeliCa instead of Felica on SONY request
  • Fix SafeNet eToken 5110 SC issue
  • Allow vendor control commands for Omnikey 5427 CK
  • Always compute readTimeout to use a value greater than default 3 seconds
  • Check the bSeq value when receiving a CCID frame
  • Avoid logging errors when a reader is removed
  • Some other minor improvements