PySCard 2.0.5 released

I just released a new version 2.0.5 of pyscard. PySCard is a python module adding smart cards support (PC/SC) to Python.

The PySCard project is available at:

This version is a not even a bug fix release. No code has changed.

The problem is that for the previous version, 2.0.4, I uploaded a incorrect source archive to Pypi. I inadvertently included some generated files in the .tar.gz archive. I discovered the problem while creating the Debian package. I removed the incorrect file from Pypi. But then it is not possible to upload a new file with a name that was already present on Pypi.

The source .tar.gz is already present in the pyscard project on so I thought it was OK.

But then I received bug reports like Missing source release for 2.0.4? or pyscard 2.0.4 not available on linux from pypi so I had to do something.