New parse program in libccid 1.5.3

The parse tool is used to extract the configuration from a CCID smart card reader. I need this information to be able to add a new reader in my list.

Automatic file creation

parse now creates the expected file by itself. No need to redirect the standard output anymore. Some poople had problems with that.

You just need to run parse and it will create the file output.bin.

Prebuild parse

It is now possible to run the parse command without compiling the libccid driver.

I provide already build binaries for these systems:

  • Darwin-arm64 (Apple computers with Apple Silicon CPUs)

  • Darwin-x86_64 (Apple computers with Intel CPUs)

  • Linux-armv7l (Raspberry Pi 3 and compatibles)

  • Linux-x86_64 (major GNU/Linux systems)

To know if your system is in this list run:

echo $(uname)-$(uname -m)

and compare the result to the list above.

If your system is not supported you can contact me.

You can use the prebuild parse as documented in

curl | bash -


I hope it will be simpler to use parse and to send me the result for readers that are not yet in my lists.