New version of pcsc-perl: 1.4.15

I just released a new version 1.4.15 of pcsc-perl, the Perl wrapper for PC/SC.


I wanted to make a new release to add support of the SCARD_W_SECURITY_VIOLATION PC/SC error code.

This code is returned when the client access is denied because of a polkit security policy.

The error is now:

$ scriptor
Could not create Chipcard::PCSC object: Access denied.

Instead of:

$ scriptor
Could not create Chipcard::PCSC object: Unknown (reader specific ?) error...

Lost archives

The previous version 1.4.14 was released in November 2015, 8 years ago.

Pcsc-perl was using the versioning tool CVS (Concurrent versions system). The bad new is that I lost my CVS archives. I think I removed the archive directory because I thought I migrated all my software projects to subversion or git. But that was not the case and the development history of pcsc-perl is mostly lost. Yes, I do have backups, but not as old as 8 years.

The code is now in a git repository at Salsa and github.


1.4.15 - 18 November 2023, Ludovic ROUSSEAU

  • add support of SCARD_W_SECURITY_VIOLATION error code