Monosim: SIM card phone book listing (part 3)

In my article SIM card phone book listing of November 2010 a reader left a comment about the existence of the Monosim project.

" what is monosim ?
14-06-2007 18.20 a simple application that can be used to read, write, update, delete and backup your sim card contacts. It open and save also some format files to manage your contacts also in a text files. To connect monosim to your smartcard you need use a standard PCSC smartcard reader as towitoko, acs, athena, blutronics, etc. "

The monosim project is from Armando Basile and uses the GNU GPL v2 license. The project started in 2007. The latest version 1.5.2 is from July 2009.


The installation is quiet easy on a Debian system. The documentation is enough.

Just use the clasical:
$ ./configure
$ make

If a dependency is missing install it and go to the previous step.


$ mono monosim/bin/Release/monosim.exe 

Monosim is the most user friendly and usable application I found:
  • The application is using a GUI (and not just text like PSSI).
  • The application allows to edit the SIM card, not just dump it content. It is possible to same the phone book in a text file and copy-paste between the SIM and the file.

Technical side

Monosim uses the PC/SC API using its own C# wrapper also written by Armando Basile. Maybe because many PCSC C# wrapper where did not exists in 2007 when the monosim project was started.

After writing a phone book to my SIM the program now always crashes when reading the SIM. I filed a bug. Maybe you will have more luck with your own SIM :-)


Monosim is a nice project. It may help you manage your phone books.