Gemalto smart card readers

Now that Gemalto bought SafeNet it has become a big company with a lot of different brands.

Some of the brands in the Gemalto group are used by CCID readers listed in the big matrix. I will only talk about CCID compliant readers. So readers produced before the CCID specification was available (around 2001) are not listed here.

Short history of Gemalto fusions and acquisitions

  • 1926: creation of Schlumberger
  • 1988: creation of Gemplus
  • 2001: Schlumberger buys Sema Group plc and becomes SchlumbergerSema
  • 2004: Axalto is a spin-off of SchlumbergerSema
  • 2006: Axalto and Gemalto merge to become Gemalto
  • 2009: Gemalto buys XIRING’s banking activity
  • 2010: SafeNet buys Aladdin
  • 2010: Gemalto buys Todos AB in Sweden
  • 2015: Gemalto buys SafeNet
I only list the fusions and acquisitions related to smart card reader manufacturers.


Vendor VendorID # of readers
Total 31
Aladdin 0x0529 1
Axalto ? 1
Gemalto 0x08E6 17
Gemplus 0x08E6 8
SafeNet ? 1
SchlumbergerSema 0x0973 1
Todos 0x0B0C 2
Xiring 0x0F14 0

Each USB device is identified by a VendorID.
It looks like Axalto and SafeNet do not have their own VendorID.


All the Xiring readers I have in my list are now sold by ingenico Healthcare e-ID (ex Xiring healthcare).
They are available at ingenico technical support page.

So Gemalto bought XIRING’s banking activity but it looks like this division of Xiring had no CCID reader.

Reader list


  1. eToken PRO USB 72K Java (Aladdin_eToken_PRO_USB_72K_Java.txt)


  1. Reflex USB v3 (AxaltoV3.txt)

Note that the VendorID used by this reader is 0x04E6 and is the VendorID used by SCM (now Identive) for its readers. I guess the reader is a SCM one rebranded as Axalto.


  1. SA .NET Dual (Gemalto_SA_dotNet_Dual.txt)

  2. Ezio Shield Branch Reader (Gemalto_Ezio_Branch.txt)
  3. Ezio Shield (Gemalto_Ezio_Shield_PinPad.txt)

  4. Ezio Shield (Gemalto_Ezio_Shield.txt)

  5. EZIO CB+ (Gemalto_Ezio_CB+.txt)

  6. ING Shield Pro SC (Gemalto_Ezio_Shield_Secure_Channel.txt)

  7. Ezio Shield Pro SC (Gemalto_Ezio_Shield_Pro_SC.txt)

  8. IDBridge CT30 (Gemalto_IDBridge_CT30.txt)

  9. PDT (Gemalto_PDT.txt)
  10. Hybrid Smartcard Reader (Gemalto_HybridSmartcardReader.txt)
  11. IDBridge K30 (Gemalto_IDBridge_K30.txt)

  12. Smart Enterprise Guardian Secure USB Device (GemaltoSmartEnterpriseGuardian.txt)

  13. USB GemPCPinpad SmartCard Reader (GemPCPinpadv2.txt)

  14. IDBridge K3000 (Gemalto_IDBridge_K3000.txt)

  15. Smart Enterprise Guardian Secure USB Device (Gemalto_SG.txt)

  16. Prox Dual USB PC Link Reader (GemProxDU.txt)

  17. Prox SU USB PC LinkReader (GemProxSU.txt)


  1. Gemplus USB SmartCard Reader 433-Swap (GemPC433_SL.txt)

  2. USB GemPCPinpad SmartCard Reader (GemPCPinpad.txt)

  3. GemCore SIM Pro Smart Card Reader (GemCoreSIMPro.txt)

  4. GemCore POS Pro Smart Card Reader (GemCorePOSPro.txt)
  5. USB Shell Token V2 (GemPCKey.txt)

  6. PC Twin Reader (GemPCTwin.txt)

  7. GemPC Express (GemPC_Express.txt)

  8. Gem e-Seal Pro USB Token (Gem_e-SealPro.txt)


  1. SmartMX Sample (Philips_SmartMX.txt)

Similar remark as for Axalto. Here the iManufacturer is: Philips Semiconductors. The vendorID is 0x04B9 which should be Rainbow Technologies.


  1. SchlumbergerSema Cyberflex Access (e-gate.txt)


  1. CX00 (Todos_Cx00.txt)

  2. Argos Mini II (Todos_AGM2_CCID.txt)


After so much fusion and acquisitions in the smart card industry it may be difficult to know where to get manufacturer support for a given reader.

Gemalto provides a drivers support page where you can find most of the "Gemalto" readers.