Smart Card Services moved from an Apple server to

Mac OS Forge

Apple had a software forge to host Free Software they used in Mac OS X. The site is and now indicates:
macOS forge hosted open source projects closely related to macOS.

One of the hosted project is:
Smart Card Services
The Smart Card Services project is comprised of several components which, when combined, provide the necessary abstraction layer and integration of smart cards into Apple’s CDSA implementation.

Smart Card Services contains different parts:

Alive projects?

From the list above most of the projects are now dead.
  • Since Yosemite, pcsc-lite is no more used and has been replaced in 2014 by Crypto Token Kit.
    See "OS X Yosemite BETA and smart cards status"
  • tokend architecture is deprecated since Lion in 2011
    See "Mac OS X Lion and tokend"
  • CCID driver is no more updated to reflect what is installed in current macOS versions.
    El Capitan provides the version 1.4.21 but the site still provides version 1.3.8.


The project Smart Card Services is interesting mainly for historical reasons. The development of smart card components available in macOS is now done elsewhere., i.e. internally at Apple and the source code is no more public.