Bitcoins received for this blog: 2 years later

Two years ago (November 2014) I proposed to send me bitcoins in "How to help my projects? Send me bitcoins!".


After 2 years I got 3 donations for a total amount of 0.02858649 BTC (or approximately 19.37€). The 3 transactions are public and can be seen at A great thanks to my 3 donors.

This is not a huge amount. In comparison I received 100.27€ from Flattr in 6 years (see "How to help my projects?").

System Duration Total amount Mean
Flattr 6 years 100.27 € 16.71 €/year
Bitcoin 2 years 19.37 € 9.67 €/year

The problem with Flattr (as I explained in "My Flattr experience") is that the funds are automatically "reinvested" so the real result after 6 years is 0€ in my pockets.

Adsense? No!

Google just proposed me to enrol in the AdSense program. Their estimation is a gain of 10,18 € per month.

Bonne nouvelle ! Votre compte répond aux critères requis pour bénéficier du traitement AdSense accéléré.
Vous devriez pouvoir gagner jusqu'à 10,18 € par mois*. Faites en sorte que votre blog vienne grossir les rangs de ces millions d'autres qui rapportent de l'argent grâce à AdSense. S'inscrire

*Les revenus mentionnés ne sont que des estimations basées sur le trafic récemment enregistré par votre blog. Nous ne pouvons en garantir le montant. Les comptes et les revenus AdSense doivent également respecter le Règlement du programme et les Conditions d'utilisation AdSense.

But since I do not like ads in web pages (and I use an advertisement blocker) I will not use AdSense or any other advertising system.


Please continue sending bitcoins. My bitcoin address is at the bottom of each blog page.