OS X El Capitan and CCID evolution

In a previous blog article "OS X El Capitan and CCID driver upgrades" I mentioned the evolution of the CCID driver for the same major release of OS X 10.11.x.

With the availability of the source code at Apple Open Source it is easy to see what happened.

OS X Version SmartcardCCID CCID
10.11 SmartcardCCID-55008 1.4.14
10.11.1 SmartcardCCID-55008 1.4.14
10.11.2 SmartcardCCID-55008.20.1 1.4.20
10.11.3 SmartcardCCID-55008.20.1 1.4.20
10.11.4 SmartcardCCID-55008.40.1 1.4.21
10.11.5 SmartcardCCID-55008.40.1 1.4.21
10.11.6 SmartcardCCID-55008.40.1 1.4.21

I will try to closely follow the evolution of macOS Sierra (10.12) source code to avoid surprises in the future.