macOS Sierra and smart card source code

Apple released the source code of the open source components they use in Sierra (OS X 10.12 released in September 2016). The components are available at OS X 10.12 Source.

As I did for El Capitan in "OS X El Capitan and smart card source code" I will document what I found.

The smart card related components are:

See "macOS Sierra and smart cards status" for a general discussion of the changes in El Capitan.


The version changed from 55108 in El Capitan to 55111 in Sierra.

The changes are very limited:
  • the Xcode project uses Security.framework
  • 1 bug fixed "to prevent uninitialized value when following CALL ends with exception" according to the source code comment

 SecurityTokend-55111/SecurityTokend.xcodeproj/project.pbxproj    |    6 ++++++
 SecurityTokend-55111/lib/transition.cpp                          |    1 +
 SecurityTokend-55111/security_tokend_client/transition.cpp       |    1 +
 3 files changed, 8 insertions(+)


The version changed from 55008.40.1 in El Capitan (10.11.4) to 55013 in Sierra.

No change:
  • the same libusb version 1.0.9 is used. This version was released in 2012-04-02. The latest libusb version is 1.0.21 released in 2016-10-01.
  • the CCID driver provided by Apple has 4 patches. These patches are related to the way Apple builds the driver.


No disruptive changes this time.

The source code of CryptoTokenKit (introduced in Yosemite. See "OS X Yosemite BETA and smart cards status") is not provided. That is not surprising since this it is an Apple only component and not a fork of an existing free software.