Mostly CCID driver for some Morpho devices

Some devices from Morpho are mostly CCID compliant. The devices are too far from the CCID specification so I do not plan to add support of these devices in my CCID driver.


Morpho sent me (untested) patches:
These patches for for the CCID driver version 1.4.3 (released in April 2011) and may not apply correctly on the latest CCID driver.


Morpho devices supported by the patches:
Name VendorID ProductID
MORPHO TOKEN E2 0x079B 0x008F
MORPHO TOKEN EM 0x6767 0x0104

The token "MORPHO TOKEN EM" is also known as "Morpho ypsID Key E". This device is in my "Disabled CCID readers" list.

No support from me

I do not support these devices or the patches. Do not request help from me, contact Morpho instead.

I just make the patches public and document them so you may have a chance to use your Morpho token.