New PyKCS11 1.4.0 available

I just released a new version of PyKCS11, a Python wrapper above the PKCS#11 API.

See PyKCS11 introduction for more details about PyKCS11.

1.4.0 - February 2017, Ludovic Rousseau

  • fix closeAllSessions() and move it from Session to PKCS11Lib
  • add RSAOAEPMechanism to support RSA Encryption
  • add DigestSession which enables multi-part digesting
  • add Elliptic Curve keypair generating mechanism
  • fix bug in Templates using booleans CK_TRUE/CK_FALSE
    Templates are used by generateKey(), generateKeyPair(), findObjects() createObject(), unwrapKey()
  • fix sample for Python 3

I also noticed that I forgot to blog about the previous version: 1.3.3

1.3.3 - November 2016, Ludovic Rousseau
  • PKCS#11 definitions: sync with Cryptoki version 2.40
    • add missing CKM_* and CKP_* defines
  • Add generateKey() with default mechanism CKM_AES_KEY_GEN
  • Make sure the PyKCS11Lib is referenced as long as Session object is live
  • Fix OverflowError on Windows
  • Attribute CKA_WRAP_WITH_TRUSTED is bool
  • samples
    • dumpit: ask to enter the PIN on the pinpad if needed
    • getinfo & dumpit: add --slot= parameter
  • some minor improvements