Happy new year 2021

 Dear readers,

I wish you a happy new year for 2021.

In 2020 I published 43 articles on this blog (25 in 2019, 24 in 2018, 34 in 2017 and 49 in 2016 and 51 in 2015). It is a 72% increase compared to 2019.


The number of readers in 2020 is decreasing (-15%) compared to 2019.

We still have the same 5 top countries in the same order than in 2019. USA is first one by a large margin.


I have a lot of readers (40%) coming from a Windows operating system.

It is surprising because I do not have many articles specifically about Windows. But at the same time a lot of my source codes or projects are also working on Windows.

Most read articles

No real surprise here: macOS & smart card and sample codes in different programming languages.

At the 8th place we find the article "pcsc_scan on Windows" I wrote in 2017. This article was not in the top-10 last year.

Thank you

Thank you to you, readers.

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