GitHub Sponsors: first payment

Since January 2020 I am part of the Github sponsors program. See my previous article: GitHub Sponsors.


I just got my first payment in May 2020 for the amount of €66.25. Yeah!

The next payment should occur in June 2022, in 2 years. Unless new sponsors arrive in the meantime.


For now I have 3 sponsors:Martin Paljak, Jaroslav Imrich and CrazyMarvin. A big thank you to you!
The sponsor list is public. You can see it at
They sponsor me for a total of $9/month. This number is NOT public but I want to be transparent with you. What you can see on my sponsor page is that I am "90% towards $10 per month goal". So after some mathematical calculation it is easy to get the $9/month.

Github also has the GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund. So half of that money comes from github/Microsoft. That is is first time I receive something from Microsoft 😀.

Use of the money

That is not a huge amount of money but that will help pay for the VPS I rent at OVH to host my projects at They are mostly pcsc-lite and libccid.


I have 2 active options to send me money:
Feel free to use whatever to prefer.