Happy new year 2023

Dear readers,

I wish you a happy new year for 2023.

In 2022 I published 32 articles on this blog.


Audience in 2022

 You can notice a spike around 17th December. That is the article "AlcorMicro AU9560 reader and fast smart cards: help from crowd needed". I added the article URL in different bug reports so it gained some extra visibility.

Again, a large part of the audience comes from the United States.


Surprisingly, a large part of the audience uses Windows.

For a blog that talks about Free Software that is strange. I guess Windows users are interested by my projects that are also available on Windows like PySCard or PyKCS11.

Or maybe Windows developers are looking for serious information they do not find elsewhere like sample codes to use PC/SC in an application?

Most read articles

The post number one, by far, is about the AlcorMicro AU9560 (bogus) reader.


Thank you to you, readers.

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