Github sponsor: 2022 status

Since January 2020 I am part of the Github sponsors program. See my previous articles: GitHub Sponsors, GitHub Sponsors: first payment and GitHub Sponsors: US$ 20 per month.

I wanted to update you about the years 2021 and 2022.

Public data

My Github sponsor page is available at Become a sponsor to Ludovic Rousseau.

You can see that I currently have 7 sponsors, and 4 past sponsors. A big thank you to all of them.

The amount of money is not public. That is why I wrote the next chapter.

Private data

In 2022 I received a total of 628 €. Compared to 394 € in 2021 that is an increase of 59%.

The amount I receive monthly is slowly growing since 2021.

To be fully transparent to my sponsors and everybody else (full disclosure?) I publish below the monthly results since the beginning of the experience:

It is far from a full time salary. But that is enough to pay for the infrastructure I use to host my different web sites.


Again a big thank you to my present and past sponsors.

If you want to help and become a sponsor then go to Become a sponsor to Ludovic Rousseau.