macOS Sonoma and smart cards: known bugs

In Sonoma Apple did a (lot of) rework of the smart card layer. It is not explicit in my previous article macOS Sonoma and smart cards status.

I will try to document what I find in new blog posts.

Sonoma: macOS 14

Ad I did for previous versions of macOS I propose to maintain a list of know issues (bug, regression or missing feature) in PC/SC (WinSCard API) or CryptoTokenKit on macOS Sonoma 14.

Previous lists:

I will only list new bugs in macOS Sonoma. Bugs or missing features that were already present in previous macOS versions will not be listed again here. See my previous "macOS xyz and smart cards: known bugs" blog articles listed above.

Bug list

I will list bugs known (by me) and will try to maintain the list in the future if/when the bugs are fixed.

If you have found a bug not listed here then please contact me so I can add it to the list.

  1. macOS Sonoma bug: SCardControl() returns SCARD_E_NOT_TRANSACTED (fixed in Sonoma 14.3)

  2. macOS Sonoma bug: Race condition in SCardGetStatusChange()?

  3. macOS Sonoma bug: The reader name should include the CCID interface name

  4. macOS Sonoma: The reader name should include the USB serial number

  5. macOS Sonoma bug: SCardControl() (part 2)


The bugs listed above are not critical for many users. But they may surprise some developers when they try to understand why their code is working fine on GNU/Linux or macOS Ventura but has a strange behaviour when executed on macOS Sonoma.